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Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to all of us. When you discover a new web site, you often might wonder, "nice site, but who are these people and why should I trust them?".

That is an entirely natural reaction which most everyone goes through, so to answer it for you, The Commerce Company is a Colorado USA based company whose owners have been engaged in the business of Internet since 1995 (before Yahoo, before eBay, and way before Google [heck we used to trade messages with some developers at Google when they were just developing their search engine] - so call us slow, we're rather small). We've developed this site to help you buy from one of the largest online stores in the world, Amazon.Com. We plan to add to that list over time.

While we may elect to add other venues to our site over time, we are particularly excited by our relationship with Amazon.Com, because of its seamless integration with The Merchandise Network. Though our site, you can shop and build up your shopping cart with whatever products your heart desires, safe in the knowledge that when you go to checkout, your order and financial information is being managed by Amazon.Com. This store, the US Merchandise Network, uses the US implementation of Amazon.Com, which means products that are sold to the US market are the ones we list here.

Because our site is transactionally focused, we use such technologies as cookies (which are inedible) and session tracking strings (whatever those are) to maintain a persistant connection with your browser while you are visiting our site. In English, that means we keed certain technical stuff to know how to keep your shopping cart and know your browser has a shopping cart with us when you come back to visit us again.

All you will be providing this site is the list of what you want, basically, the stuff which goes in your shopping cart. We don't ask you for any personal information at this time, though you will have to provide Amazon.Com with what is needed to complete your purchase when you buy your products as you check out.

As time goes on, we may elect to integrate other features which may require us to have more personal information. Should you wish to use such features, your use is an approval of the terms and conditions of use for this shopping site and portal. We promise to make that more clear when we implement such things.

If you ever have specific concerns regarding this shopping site, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Keep in mind if your concern regards an order, for now, you should contact Amazon.Com directly.

We are a family owned and operated company, so let us just say thank you for visiting, and assure you that we are here to do the right thing by you. Please enjoy your shopping experience at our US Merchandise Network site.

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