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Terms of Use

This is one of those ugly, "the lawyer made us say this" kind of pages, because, unlike guests like you, there are some out there who look to make their living on inflicting pain upon others through gross abuse of the legal system.

That said, by your continued use of this site, you hold harmless The Commerce Company, its directors, officers, employees, vendors, affiliates and pretty much anyone else who has anything to do with this site, for any issues you may encounter, real or imaginary.

We offer this site on an as-is basis. This site is provided as a service to Internet guests who visit this site. We make no warranty as to the performance, availability, or fitness of this site for a specific purpose or any purpose at all.

We capture some data as explained in our privacy policy and will work and cooperate with any law enforcement entity or direct vendor who requires such information to pursue a legal action.

We may choose to block some or all of this site from certain accessors, should their access be deemed as abusive (as we define it) to our site. We publish a "robots.txt" file, which we expect automated "robot" and other web page scanning tools to respect. Failure to respect a "robots.txt" file may result in a block.

If any of the above terms of use are problematic for you, your single recourse is to immediately cease the use of this site and not return. Continued access or use of this site constitutes an agreement to the above and confirms your intent to hold us harmless for use of this web site in any way as described above.

You are always welcome to contact us directly by sending all communications to:

The Commerce Company
PO Box 848
Franktown, CO 80116

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